Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ready, Set, Bowl!!

Today for my teaching lesson we did bowling. The lesson overall I felt went pretty well. We started off with the basic release and worked on getting our shots to go straight down the ally. During this time I feel that I gave a good amount of feedback, which was something that I have been struggling with in my past lessons. There were a few disciplinary problems that I had to take care of during the lesson but managed to get through them and continue the lesson.

I made a scoring power point to help the students who did not know how to keep score. I believe this helped the students out a lot. Many students did not know how to keep score before and after walking around and watching I feel that they did in fact learn how to keep score so my power point was a success.

Bowling is a great lifetime activity that anyone can do and have fun with. After class a few of us stayed after to bowl a game. Something I noticed was that anyone really can bowl and have fun. In the lane next to us, there were some disabled children who were bowling and having a great time. Their parents were able to change the environment so they could be successful and have fun, which is the most important thing. On the other end of the bowling ally were a group of older ladies who were all having a great time. I do believe bowling is a limelong activity that i am going to take advantage of through out my lifetime and others should too. I feel like everyone enjoyed this bowling lesson. It was something different for everyone to be able to do and have fun.

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Explorer Scavenger Hunt

On Friday for class we had a scavenger hunt around campus. We had different tasks to complete and get our picture taken at each site we went to. We had to sing twinkle twinkle little star to some faculty members which was both fun and funny. Other tasks included running and finding things around campus to get our group picture with. I think this activity was a lot of fun. It required psychomotor, cognitive, and affective skills to complete the challenges, which makes it a suitable physical education lesson. As a future physical educator I would defiantly incorporate something like this for my class to participate in. The scavenger hunt made us think, work together and be physically active all at the same time, which is exactly what we want our students doing. This lesson kept everyone active and using the heart rate monitors allowed us to see our heart rates throughout the lesson and after the lesson. Above is my heart rate information from the lesson.