Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Modified Wrestling

For the past three years I have been volunteering my time as the assistant modified wrestling coach at my old high school, South Jeff. It’s amazing to see how much the kids progress throughout the year. Of course you have your standouts that are already good wrestlers, but the kids who amaze me the most are the ones who don’t have the natural talent. These kids have to work hard to get better. These are the kids that give it their all everyday.

By the end of each season I look back to where the kids were on day one. Some of them couldn’t even get into their stances or do a drop step. By the end of the season these same kids are doing moves correctly and winning matches. It makes me feel pretty good as a coach to see them progress so much in such a short time. This year I have been helping out since the beginning of November whenever I can. Now that the semester is over I can be there for the rest of the season and hopefully many more to come.

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